Our Interactive Maps are the best maps of the area. The maps dynamically link additional information to the map locations of all participating businesses and major points of interest.

Moving the map around is simple- just click and drag it. You can either learn about the locations on the map by rolling your cursor over them, or by clicking an item in the Map Index on the left. When you do this, a box appears above the map number displaying its name and address. Clicking on the location’s name in the box opens its MoreInfoPage.

Almost every page on the website dynamically links to the Interactive Maps. From the Downtown Directory or MoreInfoPage, clicking a listing's map number opens up the Interactive Map and shows you that listing's location.

The Interactive Map is designed to be the core of your information browsing. By quickly orienting you to
where everything is, and by providing you fast access to additional information about each location, we wish to enhance your discovery experience. Discover In-Town with the Interactive Maps!

Map Toolbar 
There is a Map Toolbar in the lower left corner of the Map. You can minimize it with the small double-arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the Map Toolbar. Also, when the window is big enough, you can expand it to show the small reference map. There are 4 directional movement arrows, 5 levels of zoom, and a Map Legend and Help clickable buttons. When the Map Toolbar is expanded, a small reference map shows the location of your window frame in relation to the whole map area.  You can move the map by dragging the red rectangle on this small reference map.

Map Index 
Use the Map Index in the left frame to explore the businesses and points of interest located on the map. The Map Index contains an alphabetical index of the locations that are highlighted on the map.  Clicking a category expands and minimizes it. Clicking a location in the index moves the map and highlights its map location by displaying its name and address. Note the multiple-location businesses: clicking these businesses expands and minimizes the list of their multiple locations.