The Special Offers Page has discounts to some of Downtown Tampa Florida's finest restaurants, museuems, attractions, and other businesses & points of interest. The discounts are grouped together by category for quick scanning. Note that our Special Offers are dynamically linked - clicking an offer opens its MoreInfoPage. You can print all the Special Offers together from this page, or print an individual coupon by clicking on that coupon and printing its MoreInfoPage. Take them with you - our advertisers are hoping you will!

Dynamic Links
• Clicking a Deal opens its MoreInfoPage.
• Clicking the colored category name opens the Business Directory to that category's listings page.

Print a page of all the Special Offers by clicking ‘Print All’ in upper right-hand corner of the page heading. This opens a separate window that is formatted for printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Close this window when you are finished printing to avoid confusion.


IMPORTANT - To print correctly, you must do the following:
  1. Set the print Margins to 0.5 inches each (go to: File > Page Setup and change the Left, Right, Top, & Bottom to 0.5)

  2. Turn on background printing (go to: Tools > Internet Options,
    click the 'Advanced'  tab, scroll down to Printing and turn on 'Print background colors and images' )